About Us

The award-winning producing and general management arm of the world’s largest live-theatre company.

Audience Members

ATG Productions is an international theatrical production company – dedicated to producing critically acclaimed, commercially successful and creatively ambitious work for the West End, Broadway and beyond.

Between March 2019 and March 2020, over one million people watched an ATG Productions show – across four countries and within 86 different towns and cities in the UK alone.

Led by Adam Speers and Richard Darbourne, we are the in-house producers of the world’s largest live theatre company (Ambassador Theatre Group) – and place partnerships and creative excellence at our core.

We are also proud to partner with director and long-term collaborator Jamie Lloyd in the running, managing and producing of The Jamie Lloyd Company.

Executive Producer: Adam Speers

Senior Producer: Richard Darbourne

General Managers: Matt Cullum and John Manning

Production Associate: Wesley Nash

Production Assistants: Andra Gavin and Iona Purvis

Head of Production Marketing: Arthur Jones

Head of London Sales: Mark Payn

Finance Business Partner: Sarah Taborelli

Executive Assistant: Kimberley Kofou

“ATG Productions has stepped to the fore with projects that displayed both genuine ambition and creative excellence…

In 2019, the Pinter at the Pinter Season was an astonishing artistic achievement, and Ian McKellen On Stage (which saw the great actor take his one-man show to 86 theatres across the UK, raising £3 million for charities, before an 80-date run in the West End) was an undertaking of huge scale, impressive generosity and complex logistics.”

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